Queen Conch Rare Breed Fibers

Queen Conch Rare Breed Fibers

Queen Conch Rare Breed Fibers

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To bring the best of the rarest fibers from across the globe to fiber lovers everywhere. If you cant find it anywhere else, find it here.

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Now on sale the Master Breed Study package over 20 Breeds, many you will find nowhere else.

Queen Conch is an SE2SE Official fiber provider.

I have scouted Europe for some of the most beautiful and obscure fibers. Many breeds can only be found from Queen Conch Fibers. I spent 2 yrs living and networking in SW England across Devon and Cornwall, the hills of Wales and up to nothern most points of Scotland to bring you the best the world has to offer for endangered sheep.

I won’t purchase from large scale businesses or markets. I support small farm fiber artists and family owned fiber mills, fair trade, small crofts shepherds and even village artisans.
Our wool comes direct from private families and their farms and generations of shepherds some who have been around and breeding their sheep over 400 yrs and countelss generations ! We purchase straight from the shepherds at retail farm value not from bulk wool markets or wholesale middlemen, where lowest cost is paid to farms or shepherds. I want sheep preserved and our shepherds paid for their livelihood.

Our prices may be higher, but our wool is nicer, organic, and from Livestock Conservation Reg, RBST and Heritage bred sheep. Shepherds get a living cost paid for their wools.


Here you wont find boring Romney or Merino. We dont carry plastic superwash wool. So if you’re looking for authentic old world heritage fibers to make woolen projects that will last through generations you found your destitnation.

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