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Queen Conch Rare Breed Fibers

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Alpines Steinschaff (Alpine Stone Sheep)

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Alpines Steinschaff (Alpine Stone Sheep)
The Alpines Steinschaf is y rare old and traditional breed live in the Alps hundreds of years. Population
491–650 -Austria 2012
791 in Germany 2013.

Availability: 20 Available



Here is your chance to help save a truly spectacular rare breed. These adorable little sheep are raised at a tiny family farm on the outskirts of Württemberg-Baden. You can see Switzerland across Lake Constance. This fiber is hand sheared. Given this, and due to the organic small cottage farm hand preparation, you may encounter VM. Commercial prep utilizes chemicals to completley dissolve vegi matter. Being an organic prep, this is the same rustic, fibers my and maybe even your ancestors worked with.

Sold by the ounce.

Available as Batts or Roving. Batts are a mid grey.Roving is pale grey with black and deep grey streaks.


For Spun Yarn from this great breed there are

5 currently available.


While this is considered a heritage breed and HB are many times coarse and "rustic" this is some of the softest fiber I've ever had in my Endangered Heritage line. It is by no means Merino but is more like a slightly more rustic Romney or BFL. I can hold it against my bare skin... I was even laying on it like a pillow contemplating a nap!

Additional Information

Yarn Weight Sport
Fiber Choices Other
Color Family Gray
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed