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Tyrolian Bergschaf (Tyrol Mnt Sheep)

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Tyrolian Bergschaf (Tyrol Mnt Sheep)
This fantastic wool from Germany & Austria; stock of Swiss and predominantly Austrian lineage, most commonly in the Tyrolean mountains of Austria.

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This beautiful soft but rustic fiber comes as a batt. Sold in 4oz units up to 1lb. It's available as a beautiful creamy White, a soft neutral Taupe and Steel Gray from Austria, or as a rich deep chocolate brown from Germany. With the cream you may see occasional flecks of darker taupe that wouldn't be noticed once spun.

This fantastic wool imported from Germany and Austria from stock of Swiss and predominantly Austrian lineage, most common in the Tyrolean mountains of Austria. These are long face, lopped ear sheep often bred for wool as well as meat. The Bergschaf Tyrol sheep are known for a better quality of wool than their Italian counter parts.

Tyrol Mountain(Lop Eared Alpine Tyrol, Tiroler Bergschaf, Pecora Alpina Tirolese)This breed is found in Tyrol of Austria and Bolzano of Italy. It is a semi coarse wooled breed, belonging to the Lop-eared Alpine group, which is kept for meat production. The Tyrol Mountain is similar to the Carinthian but has better wool, a white face and longer ears. The breed is also occasionally pied or black. Both sexes are polled. The Tyrol Mountain originated from Bergamasca, Steinschaf, and Spiegel variety of Carinthian.

Yarn photo's are from my happy warm clients.

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