Queen Conch Rare Breed Fibers

Queen Conch Rare Breed Fibers

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Master Study Rare Breed Collection

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Master Study Rare Breed Collection
a customized collection of exclusive rare breeds and fibers. Request a custom order if you wish for a more customized selection
(prices will vary)

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One ounce or more of all fibers available in shop.

The price is EVERYTHING you see here.

This package is completely customizable for your needs prices will vary.

This also included a bound booklet with information, color photos and history of each of the breeds.

Raw Fibers

Rhoen (I)

Soay (I)

Castlemilk Moorit (I)

Valais Blacknose (I)

Rouge du Rousillion (I)

Ille de France (I)



Bororay (I)

Hebridean (I)

Cheviot (I)

Greyface Dartmoor (I)


Cormo (Black)

Ronaldsy (I)

Prepared Fibers:

California Mutant

Coberger Foxen (I)

German White Mutton (I)

Heidschnucke (I)

Tyrolean Bergschaf (I)

Leicester Longwool

Cheviot (I)


Herdwick (I)

Pomeranian Grey (I)

Güte (I)

Pennistone (I)

Chariolas (I)

Masham (I)

Alpine Stone Sheep (I)

*Southdown *Karakul*

Braun Bergschaf (I)*

German White Mountain (I)*

Manx Loughtan (I)

Optional Add on's

1/2 oz

Colored Cotton;(Red, Green)

Sea Island Cotton ELS- (Extra Long Staple)

Japanese Silk


Stainless steel (0.25 oz)

 This is a very large box....15x15x18. This is a very costly purchase for you so it must have insurance for security for us both so will be sent priority. A box this size is $30.It's actually far more expensive ($38) to send in non-USPS and there is no Priority Flat Rate packaging due to bulk.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Cellulose: Cotton, Manufactured: Metallic, Other, Silk, Wool: Black Welsh Muntain, Wool: Cheviot, Wool: Cormo, Wool: Cotswold, Wool: Dorset, Wool: Dorset Horn, Wool: Jacob, Wool: Karakul, Wool: Leicester Longwool, Wool: Manx Loaghtan, Wool: Masham, Wool: Other, Wool: Polypay, Wool: Romeldale/CVM, Wool: Targhee
Color Family N/A
Color Attributes N/A