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Braun Bergschaf- Brown Mountain Sheep

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Braun Bergschaf- Brown Mountain Sheep
This roving was prepped from fleeces imported from mountain farms of Germany. Very lofty roving, occasional vm, priced by ounce.

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The brown (Braunes) and black (Schwarzes) mountain sheep breeds belong, like the Steinschaf (Stone Sheep) and the White Mountain Sheep, to the oldest sheep breeds, which are bred and domiciled in Tyrol mountain areas. Brown and black animals used to come to the Tyrolean mountain sheep again and again. Due to the demand for dark, undyed wool, there was a strong need for breeding animals. Through the pure breeding and specialization of many farms on the white mountain sheep, the brown and black mountain sheep have fallen into oblivion and were threatened with extinction. In the year 1977 the racial recognition took place. With the aim to preserve the breed, the association 1. Schafzuchtverein Braunes and Schwarzes Bergschaf was founded in 1992

The Brown Mountain Sheep is a medium-sized, slightly lighter sheep, with geramsten narrow head and drooping ears. The head is continuously wanted from the forehead to the neck. The wool is cognac to dark brown, simple and slightly curly. The breed is considered very resilient and adapts very well to the harsh mountain climate. For this reason, emphasis is placed on a correct leg position with a taut restraint and closed claw. The Brown Mountain sheep was selected due to increasing demand for undyed dark wool from the similar Tyrolean mountain sheep. The breed has very good mother characteristics and is suitable for crossbreeding.

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