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Devon Closewool

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Devon Closewool
Although numbers of Devon Closewools aren't as low as some breeds, they're threatened due to the regional concentration. Most are isolated in Exmoor.

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As always our wool comes direct from private farms and shepherds. We purchase straight from the shepherds at fair value not from bulk wool markets where lowest cost is paid to farms. I want sheep preserved and our shepherds paid for their livelihood.

After my travels to England and living in Plymouth-Devon for the month of May I brought home some treats!

I am proud to present; Devon Closewool Top

this fiber is very smooth with little crimp it is on the coarse side. It produces some of the finest warp yarn you can imagine.

The Devon Closewool is primarily a grassland sheep and is very hardy, having a docile temperament. This makes the Closewool an ideal sheep for the first time flockmaster, or the commercial farmer looking for an easy care, low input sheep.The breed arose around the mid-1800s when Exmoor Horn sheep were crossed with Devon Longwools - the resultant intermediate-sized sheep proved very popular and expanded rapidly in numbers.By 1950 there were around 229,000, almost all of them located in Devon, making them the most numerous breed in the county at that time.The Devon Closewool Sheep Breeders Society was formed in 1923, but this breed of sheep has been in existence for well over 150 years, the original home being Exmoor and its borders, but now the breed is somewhat more widespread.A small flock is recorded as having been exported to Canada in 1947, and the breed has also been determined to have been exported to New Zealand.

A medium sized white faced sheep without horns, and a good fleece of wool, it has a good bone, standing on stout legs set apart giving it a very symmetrical appearance.

The nostrils are black, the ears short being covered with fine white hair.The neck is short and thick well set into the shoulders, the ribs are well sprung with good depth.

WoolThe fleece of rams weighs 6kgs, ewes 4kgs with a micron count of 48-53. Dense, medium to long length, strong staple which does not part easily so the skin stays dry. This enables the sheep to thrive in wet, cold conditions.

Although numbers of Devon Closewools aren't as low as some other breeds, they are threatened due to their geographical concentration. Most of the breed is concentrated on Exmoor. In 2015, RBST helped establish a new flock in Suffolk to help reduce this threat.

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